One cannot just show up and start working in another country, especially on business with an official agency. Nay – you must have an important looking stamp like this one.

As a follower of my travels you see all the polished, best and worst parts of my adventures. What you don’t see is the confusing paperwork, endless follow-ups, letters written in a different language about you that you cannot read (and hope are correct so you don’t end up in an interrogation room), long lines at Immigration & Customs, and the uncertainty of when you will get your mysterious passport stamp. All of this is just as much a part of working abroad as the new food and experiences, and interacting with local people and other adventures.

Work permits and visas are an important part of living and working abroad, and these can be complicated, uncertain, and often expensive – possibly with significant tax consequences. If you are thinking about living and working abroad, be sure to seek the right advice on how to enter and work in your new country legally.

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