Career & Relocation Mentoring

Know Your World provides one-to-one mentoring sessions to experienced US-based professionals in the process of advancing and moving their career, life and/or family to another country. Our mentoring program allows us to work together with our network of professionals who specialize in the complex and necessary aspects of life overseas to determine what actions you need to take, and how to prioritize these actions to ensure a successful international transition. Some of the transitions we assist our clients with:

  • Professional Transition (finding the right job or contract opportunity abroad)
  • Taxes and insurance questions for expats and soon-to-be expats
  • Immigration process
  • Financial readiness
  • Relocation – including housing, selecting schools and/or child care arrangements for families
  • Transportation – both during the initial move and in commuting questions once relocated

Mistakes can be costly!  By working together, we enable your transition to be more efficient – saving you time, money and energy to allow you to fully understand and enjoy your new life in your new home.

Our Sessions

We work closely with you to create SMART goals and determine the appropriate actions that ensure that you considered all the necessary aspects of life, finances and work overseas. Our mentoring sessions focus on your specific life and professional situation.

The First Step

Transitioning abroad is a big step, and it is invaluable to have guidance from someone who has”been there and done that.” Find out more about the steps in the process of moving you, your job, and maybe even your family to a different country, and when you’re ready to take that step, contact us.

Are You Ready?

We offer a limited number of initial Discovery Calls each month for those who are ready to become an expat. Are you ready?

Contact us regarding the plans you’ve made and the goals you’ve set.

Yes, I’m ready!


Not sure how ready you are? It’s a big step!

 Our Escape As An Expat self-assessment questionnaire will help you determine how close you are to living abroad.

How Ready Are You? Find Out Now.

When you are ready, we’d love to help you Know Your World!