Following the apocalyptic “Two-Haircuts” Disaster of 2009 (a debacle that left me with not one, but two different haircuts that needed to grow out), I have entrusted my hair only to highly recommended, well-known curly hair stylists. A great deal of online research lead me to find Tiffany Taylor at Live Curly Live Free, and author of the “Unruly Curls” book Micheal Price, who is based in west London. Thus immediately upon booking my recent flight to London, I set up an appointment with Michael.

High-maintenance hair is yet another thing to juggle in my world of work, play and other wanderings. The struggle is real, indeed – you can read more about my recent adventure in curl management during my time in Ethiopia in this blog post.


A wash, cut, re-wet, another upside down cut, and a diffused blow-dry later, I left Michael’s with curlicious-looking hair – and fortunately with only one great haircut.

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