If you’re around the age of 35 or older you may have once owned a cell phone that looked like this.  The Nokia 3310 was first released in September 2000, and with over 126 million of them sold worldwide it has become a trusty standby and long-since recognizable relic in telecommunications.

That withstanding, I was still surprised to see my tech-savvy friend with what looked like a nearly 20 year old device.  But upon further investigation, I discovered the newly released Nokia 3310 is more than just a fun throwback in cool new colors.  While much of Addis Ababa is finally on a 4G network now, many parts of Addis, Ethiopia and Africa are not – and newer smartphones in all their fancy-app glory are simply not able to cope as well or at all on aging or weaker networks.  The Nokia 3310 works well on both new and older networks.

Besides the obvious point of workability, the new Nokia 3310 phone has a battery that can last on standby for a month (I don’t even remember the last time I went more than 36 hours without charging).  Its dual SIM capability is also handy for those of us business travelers who begrudgingly carry around both a work and personal phone.  Finally, a 2.4” curved polarized  window allow for better readability in sunlight – all of this making the Nokia 3310 the perfect African phone.

And now that you are a bit older and wiser, perhaps you can finally beat your old high score on Snake, since the game is still available on this updated device.

There’s no need to come all the way to Africa to get one, they are available on Amazon and other sites online (and available unlocked for international travelers).

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