Transitioning your life and career to another country is daunting – we know because we have been there. 



  • Cut through the information overload of the Internet to find the answers you need for your specific situation
  • Find the right role that will enable you to transition your life and career overseas
  • Confidently apply for work opportunities using our effective and proven international job search methods – so you find the right role that fits your unique skill set, lifestyle and income requirements
  • Understand how to handle your specific visas/work permit, tax, insurance, healthcare, banking, transportation needs
  • Plan the relocation of your partner, family and/or pets
  • Help your partner understand his/her options to find suitable work
  • Obtain information that is applicable to YOUR life and professional situation
  • Determine the income you need to earn to live comfortably abroad
  • Understand how to find appropriate short and/or long-term housing
  • Culturally assimilate and build a new community
  • Have Fun! ENJOY the journey and your new life abroad!

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