Tracey Forgue


Tracey has held a long-standing, successful IT and business management consulting career. She has worked in industries such as biotech/pharma/life sciences, government, data analytics, manufacturing and supply chain, and international development/charity sector. She helps large and small global organizations deploy new technology solutions to transform their business. She is also an entrepreneur, and coach in career change and international job/life transition.


Jade Bowins

Virtual Research Assistant

Jade has just begun her traveling and digital nomad journey. Her passion for the natural environment and other cultures influenced her desire to pursue a degree in environmental biology.

Jade has had the opportunity to explore Iceland, Costa Rica, Saint Martin, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, and plans to continue to expand her travels while taking on her new role with Know Your World.

In her role at Know Your World, Jade is responsible for performing background research on all Know Your World products and services.

Know Your World’s Network

We have a large network of expatriate partners, experts, and professionals who work with us to provide guidance, support, information, and services to help our clients save time, take action and find the right work opportunity to realize their dreams of living and working overseas.