With almost 60 days behind me, I am just now finally getting used to the food here in Ethiopia. Having now eaten every western menu food option at the hotel multiple times, I get queasy at the idea of eating any of it again – so last week I finally started eating the local grub.

What I discovered is that I do actually like Ethiopian food – and it is the best and tastiest option in the buffet: the spicy marinated beef tibs, the “wats”, or small portions of spicy vegetables, lentils, corn, minced meat, interesting noodle-thingies, etc. However it seems that I am just too much of a “forenji” to get into injera – a sponge-textured, sourdough-risen flatbread made of fermenting teff flour, which accompanies all meals (seen on the bottom of wats on the photo on the left).

Ideally, I would have some garlic naan instead with this wonderful meal – but I recognize that this would be a very strange ask to my Habesha waiter.

The fact that I’ve come this far in eating “strange food” is already an accomplishment. Every time I look down at my plate I can hear my family members saying “You’re going to eat that?!”. Yes – it seems that I am!

And who knows, maybe with a bit more time here I will get used to the injera – one step at a time.

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