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Know Your World helps people who want to live and work in a new country by cutting through the information overload of the internet and providing information and guidance on how to professionally transition and create new life abroad. To find out more about the KYW team, head over to our Meet The Team page.


Know Your World™ is the brainchild of our founder, Tracey Forgue. After 10 years of living and working in various locations throughout the United States as an Information Technology (IT) professional, Tracey decided to follow her passion for travel and culture and seek work abroad. She soon discovered that finding work overseas and establishing residency in a new country was not easy tasks – and found herself navigating through a mass of international laws, difficult and competitive recruitment processes, confusing regulations relating to immigration policy, foreign income requirements and restrictions, US and foreign tax rules, vague visa application process guidance, etc. These rules, restrictions, and regulations ultimately dictated whether or not she could stay in a country, for how long, and on what terms.

There were other challenges too. For instance trying to rent an apartment, get cash or local cell phone/SIM card without a local bank account in-country. Tracey had not anticipated so many obstacles in the transition of her life abroad – and it greatly affected her schedule, and her ability to enjoy her time abroad (not to mention her purse!). Then, there was also the added challenge of immersing herself into the new cultures both personally and professionally.

About Us: Tracey riding a camel

Tracey riding a camel

Tracey managed to successfully set up her life and work abroad. However, with each successive work opportunity in a new country, she became increasingly frustrated over the lack of readily available, easily understandable information to prepare for the move. This challenge inspired her concept for Know Your World.

Our Mission

To be the preferred and trusted source of information for professionals transitioning their work and lives to a new country.

Culture and Values

To achieve its vision, Know Your World maintains a culture that’s built upon several core values:

Global Outlook

We provide fact-based, unbiased information on locations around the world.


We aim to meet the information needs of our membership.


We go the extra mile to ensure that all materials posted on the website are accurate and factually supportable.


We take responsibility for the information published on our website and Social Media pages and will be responsive to inquiries.


We treat all peoples of the world with the highest regard and strive at all times to offer the most objective fact-based content.

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