About Know Your World

Tracey Forgue – Founder

Know Your World helps experienced US-based professionals transition their careers and lives to a new country. We work with you to find the right work opportunity abroad, and get qualified guidance and advice from the right certified professionals to more effectively enable your international transition.

Our network of professionals includes recruiters/talent acquisition professionals, immigration attorneys, international tax advisors, career coaches, insurance agents, housing and relocation specialists, etc.


After 10 years of living and working throughout the United States, Tracey Forgue decided to follow her passion for travel and culture, and seek professional work abroad to have the experience of living and working in other countries. She soon discovered that finding work overseas and establishing residency in a new country was not easy – she had to navigate through difficult and competitive recruitment processes, a mass of international laws, confusing regulations relating to immigration policy, foreign income requirements and restrictions, US and foreign tax rules, vague visa application process guidance, etc. These rules, restrictions, and regulations ultimately dictated whether or not she could stay in a country, for how long, and on what terms. Overcoming these obstacles inspired her to help others facing similar challenges as they endeavour to establish a new career and life abroad.

You can read more about Tracey’s professional experience on her website, Tracey Forgue.com, or her personal experience as an expatriate and traveler on her KYW Founders Blog.  You can also contact Tracey and the Know Your World team through the Contact Us page.


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