Shortly after I arrived in Ethiopia, I began a madwoman’s epic quest for an ice cold can of Ginger Ale. This was because my trip to Ethiopia did not come without some major gastric upheaval – the kind of mayhem that could only be quenched with a can of this magical liquid gold.

Now, I’ve been around the world enough to know that I should not just expect that specialty items such as Ginger Ale would just magically exist in nearby stores. Being an IT specialist with a focus on global Supply Chain, I know how hard it is to get goods on a shelf (especially in this part of the world). However, since I am in Ethiopia working with a team to help fix a major organization’s Supply Chain for the benefit of 100 million people, I had hoped that Karma would be on my side and fix Coca-Cola’s demand planning-to-distribution process to procure me some Canada Dry. Sadly, this is not the case.

Since I was not able to find the Big G in any of the nearby supermarkets, I decided to venture out to Bambi’s – a large supermarket that used to be chock-full of imports. Bambi’s had shut down a few years ago, but has now re-opened with very minimal stock. I left mostly disappointed, but with a handful of snickers bars as a consolation prize. Some members of a Facebook Group recommended that I look in the nearby import grocery store called Gorgeous, which I did but left only with some fake Oreo’s and a small bag of skittles.

And thus, the Madwoman’s Quest for Ginger Ale continues.

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