Know Your World provides information to experienced professionals on how to transition their lives and careers overseas.

We work together to find the right professional opportunity to advance your career and build your new life in a new country.

Reduce the stress of your international move by working with us to get the information you need on visas, taxes, insurance and much more.

New country.
New career.
New life.

Know Your World supports experienced, specialized and/or corporate professionals who are looking to advance their career and create a new life in another country. We aim to provide guidance, information, and services that allow you to save time, take action and realize your dream of living overseas.

We provide information on how to transition your life professionally, financially, legally and culturally to your new home abroad.

Our mentoring program is run by expatriate advisors and certified professionals who work with you directly to create the right career and lifestyle abroad.

Our effective and proven international job search methods help you find the right professional role that fits your unique skill set, lifestyle and income requirements.